MegaCon 2017 Booth

We’ve got the booth all set up and things are in full swing @ #megacontampa come say hi! #conlife #vendorbooth #propshop

MegaCon 2017

It’s #megacontampa time! We are getting ready to head over and set up! Come by and say hi this weekend. We are located near the photo ops, not too far from the entrance. #conlife #vendorbooth #art4sale

More Mold Talk

Well maybe this is an awkward angle but opened up my brush on mold this morning and everything looks great! I can’t wait to get time resin in this and see how it turned out, fingers crossed. This is the most undercuts I’ve ever had to work with so I’m a little concerned. It will good, yea. And I’ll meet my deadline! Used Rebound 25 and free form air from @smoothon via @ramaterials #moldmaking #casting #propmaker #wip

Dino Research!

Caption this? Lol project “research” can sometimes be pretty darn fun! #dinos #wipcosplay #moretocome

Finished Mold

Mold is ready to go! This is my first time using @smoothon free form air and I got to say, it was a fast and easy process getting this she’ll made. I did the second half in under 15 minutes! Now I’m crunching to get the body of this guy sculpted, under rubber and casted so I can finish my first cast by.. oh say Tuesday night. I seem to love impossible goals… Must be an artist!

Brush On Mold

Spent the evening making a lovely brush on mold of his head. I like how the print coat looks like the sculpt is melting. #wip #moldmaking

New Sculpt

New sculpt coming together! This is an item right out of my some what misguided youth. Any guesses what it’s from? The head is nearly ready to mold and cast, then I need to do the body. And I’m trying to meet a deadline on this one, it’s going to be tight. #wip #sculpture

Our Smooth-on Collecion

I’ve got a new sculpt that I’m hoping to to go to casting in the next week and ended up totally geeking out over my @smoothon sample chain. It is really handy for quickly comparing products. Hummm, I might be a bit of a casting nerd… #wip #supplycloset #moldmaking #casting #sculpture

Scrap Spray Booth

What to do with extra hurricane wood? Make a new spray booth! We paint on our back porch, great air flow that way. Only down side was no table to work on. So much better! Now if only I could control humidity out there… Haha #propmaker #diy # scrapbuild

Hurricane House Cosplay

House cosplay done! That was no small amount or work. The photo looks a little small, the flag says “Irma Don’t Tread On Me” seemed fitting. #irma #hurricaneirma #housecosplay

Hurricane Prep

This week’s cosplay… Hurricane protection! Though I’m referring to it as my houses zombie apocalypse fort, cosplay. Stay safe FL. #irma #cosplay #housecosplay #wip

Wrokshop Cleanup Week

Hey look I found the Maul of resin stirring +3, a rare weapon indeed. Almost as rare, we started our Simi-annual, post #dragoncon workshop clean up. Mmm fun times!

DragonAge @ Dragon Con

I had a blast meeting up with the #dragonage group at #dragoncon2017 ! So many great cosplays I wish I could have gotten more pictures, glad the FB group will be posting them soon! In the mean time, check out some pictures with my old companions! #dragonagecosplay #dragonconcosplay #dragonageinquisition #cosplay #cosplayers #foamprops

Deatheater Flashmob

Today is #deatheater Day! I gathered up with all the others and we cursed muggles and such. #cosplay #harrypottercosplay #dragoncon2017

DragonCon Cult of the Carpet

I found the rug bug! Long live the carpet. #dragoncon2017 #recarpetthemarriott #rugbug

Labyrinth @ The Center For Puppetry Arts

I must make this! I’ve been wanting to make a goblin knight for ages, now I have live reference photos! #labyrinth #goblin #cosplay

From DragonCon

Wednesday really is the new Thursday. #dragoncon2017 @dragoncon

Dragon Con Tetris

#dragoncon2017 car Tetris is done! Here we come!

Concruch Project

Well night before leaving for #dragoncon2017 wouldn’t have been the same with out a rush project! I did this ‘leather’ Dalish corset in about 8 hours. I’m wishing had taken the time to clean out my clogged up air brush for the finishing touches but it turned out pretty nice under the circumstances. #dragonagecosplay #concrunch #dragonconcosplay #timetoheadhome

From Instagram

Finished up Blackwalls Dalish companions. Dress! I’m on a sewing rampage! #dragonconcosplay #dragoncon2017

From Instagram

#tbt that time Blackwall laughed… He blamed it on. The beer… #dragonagecosplay

Victorian Vest

Yay, my Victorian vest is done! This was by far the most complicated things ng I have ever seen and I’m stoked with how it turned out! This will be part of my #deatheater cosplay for #dragoncon2017 pics will be coming next week ?. #cosplay #victorian

Blackwalls Helm

Blackwall’s griffon helm is done! I’m pretty happy with how it turned out and I can’t wait to wear it at #dragoncon2017 finally finished a cosplay to the exact specifications that I laid out from the beginning. Usually I end up leaving out some part of the original plan due to time constraints. Yay! Photoshoot has already been scheduled. ?. All eva from @tntcosplaysupply #dragonageinquisition #foamprops #dragonage

Sewing Action

Waiting for paint to dry tonight so I thought I’d start on the best I’m making! Vest, hood, helm, that’s what I call doing nothing for #dragoncon2017 haha.

Blackwall Helm Wip

Blackwall helm is built and ready for sealing with creature cast seal and a painting! Using @tntcosplaysupply Eva foam as always! And just for the record, that head is totally undersized, I can’t figure out why these things are all 75% of reality, crazy. #blackwall #wipcosplay

Blackwall HelmProgress

Yesterday’s progress in the Helm I’m making for #dragoncon2017 it’s for my Blackwall cosplay from #dragonageinquisition and the only piece I didn’t finish last year. It will feel good to actually finish a cosplay as it was envisioned. haha!

From Instagram

Mini knockers are done and in the Etsy shop! They turned out pretty cute if I do say so myself. If you’d like to pick up a set, a single or even the big ones they are in my shop #labyrinth #doorknockers #sculpture #etsy

From Instagram

Just for comparison… Mini and his big brother. The mini is 6.5 in from ear tip to tip while the big one is almost 11.5. (I only had a gold big one around at the moment but it covers the size just the same)

Mini Knocker

Look at this little guy! Dang these mini knockers are cute! The other one is still awaiting the knocker ball paint to dry but he will be along shortly as well. Just about ready to make these guys for folks! #labyrinth #sculpture #geek

Blackwall Foam Helm Start

Next project in the #dragonconcosplay Todo list! Wondering if I can make a helm in a weekend…. Well parts are sized cut from foam, so here we go! #dragoncon2017 #concrunch

Deatheater Cloak

Just finished up my new hood and cloak for my Deatheater costume upgrade! The old cloak was a thin store bought thing, worked in a pinch but not how I roll. Next up is a dark blood read Victorian vest to got with all that black! #deatheater #harrypottercosplay #dragoncon2017 #dragonconcosplay

Degassing Fun

Degassing is fun to watch! Also I like playing the “will it overflow game”. Let’s watch … Lol @ramaterials #smoothon #moldmaking #silicone #ineedtocleanthedegasser

Mold Making Morning

It was a #molding morning for me! If your up early why not get in some molding before work eh? Poured out a half gallon of #smoothon mold star today from #ramaterials ! Great as always.

Mini Knockers Finished!

Knocked out the other half of the mini #laybrinth knockers over the weekend! Should be adding these little guys to the store soon, just have to throw some silicone over them. Next up, mad crafting to finish 3 items for #dragoncon ! Yea 21 days,3 projects… Wouldn’t feel like dcon with out a little #concrunch !

Mini Knocker Progress

Done with the first or 2 Mini door knockers from the #labyrinth . Aren’t they cute? Just for fun I snapped progress pics so you can watch him come together. #wip #sculpture #propmaking

From Instagram

Found a little reminder on my desk today…. Only 27 days till we head to #dragoncon guess it’s time to do some panic sewing this weekend! So anyone else going this year?

Nord Lamp Wip

Nord Lamp nearly done! Still need dirt, grime and rust added into the paint job before I can call it complete. Pretty excited about how this looks, I think it would look even cooler on a stone wall with heavy oak beams… Next project! It’s hard to see the glow of the lamp in the bright sun light but it has led lights inside as well, more when it’s done! Come on Amazon deliver that rust!

That Time I Was On a Podcast

Hey I did a podcast, check it out as I answer the Geek Questions and talk about art and general geekery! Check it out and all the other fun stuff Charlie @geekquestioner does over at the Geek Questioner! #podcast #geeklife #geek #skyrimfanboy #drogoncon #dragonconflashback

Skyrim Glass

Honningbrew Meadery glass! Drew up this guy while waiting on paint to dry and ran a couple glasses. My glass photo skills are a bit off today but the glass is pretty spiffy! #skyrim #mead #videogames.

Art of the Brick

Nothing new to show but I did get to catch the Art of the Brick show this weekend and it was pretty fun checking out all the #lego #art it got us all inspired to get back to making art!

From Instagram

I Love this art style forgive the photo… Oh the #beer is as great as the art! #craftbeer #brewery check their website for better images lol

Nord Lamp Progress

I just had to see what all the pieces looked like together! I’m excited. Just one part left to mold and then I need to put all the parts and details together. #nord lamp. #eso #wip

Nordic Lamp Casting

Progress! Well between being sick and lots of other work to do this project has taken an eternity but I finally got a cast of the dragon for the #nord Street lamp done! This was honestly my worst mold ever and I’m shocked that my first pull produced something usable. Creating a decent mold in 5 minute intervals just leads to forgetting things all along the way, thankfully duct tape saves the day when you forget to add registration keys on half the mold!

Bottling Day

Haven’t made much progress on my current projects due to illness and work but last night we finished up our Monkey Foodda Milk Stout! Just have to wait 2 weeks while it gets bubbly in the bottles! #brewing #beer #homebrew.

Wet Molding Leather

Part of my newest cosplay is a wet molded leather flask. First time doing this to leather, it so cool! I am looking forward to finishing this up. Bonus points if you guess the character! Heck I’ll send ya a little something if any one guesses at this point! Lol one hint, the character is from a video game. #cosplay #wipcosplay #leatherwork

D&D Night

And its #dnd night! Yay! It’s been many months since we last got a game in, nice to get to roll the dice again!

Two Part Brush-on Mold

Finally getting a chance to mold my Nord Lamp! Hate to admit how long it took to set up this brush on mold, but it’s ready for rubber! #moldmaking #propmaking

The Iron Crown of the Dwarves

Finished! The Iron Crown of the Dwarves from the #mythica movies. This was really fun to make despite my trying 3 different approaches before coming to settle on good old Eva. #foamprops #proptarts #crown #dwarves

Iron Crown of the Dwarves Pt 1

Iron Crown of the Dwarves! From the Mythica movies. Took a couple passes to sort out how to do this right but it’s on track now. Prepping it for painting now! Oh and that’s my cranky dwarf face… Haha #wip #prop

Wood Topped Tins

Shipped out these really cool tins today, they are topped with #lasercut maple logos. These turned out really awesome, coolest part is they evolved during the commission which originally didn’t even include wood. This was quite an improvement I think! #laserart #beard #laseredwood

Quick Laser Prototyping

Lasers are great for quickly working out pattern issues. First pass of this pattern showed a few issues that totally didn’t show on my computer screen. Some days this thing does saves me time! #lasercutter #propmaking

8bit key chains

Did a big run of 8bit key chains this weekend! Turned out great, now I can take a break from the laser and get back to prop commissions and sculpting. #lasercutter #8bit #laserart

Labyrinth Glasses

Not exactly #throwbackthursday but I did make these last month when I suddenly thought, hey I make door knockers, I make glasses…. Duh why not door knocker glasses? So I did it. #labyrinth #laserart #lasercutter

Holy Grail Ale

Holy Grail Ale, seems prop make appropriate… Happy weekend! #beer

BSG Pistol

#throwbackthursday my first prop weapon made probably 5 years ago. I learned a ton from this build, skills I still use today! This is a #battlestargalactica pistol from the first year of the more recent series. I loved the look of this version better then the version they swapped in on season 2. Can’t blame them apparently the first version was a maintianace problem for the prop department, still it was cooler then the more familiar looking V2!

Cookie Press

We did a family craft project, tried out making a ? press, well 5 of them actually! The laser worked great but the design fell short with the cookie dough we used. Oh well failure tasted great! And we took a crack at icing the #pokemon cookies, pretty fun and we have plans for the next atempt! #lasercutter


I’m always looking for things to use as painting reference info. This old bank drop from ybor city was my latest find! Nothing like real patina to use as a reference right? #painting #propmaking #propmaker


Ready for another con! @fusioncon for the day, it looks to be a great little con, drop by and say hi if your in the area! #vendorbooth #conlife #geek #cosplay

Harry Potter Bag

Check out this new leather bag that we just finished up for the store! Great as a purse or a tablet pouch or maybe to carry your magical components in? #lasercutter #laserart #bag #leatherwork #harrypotter #fantasticbeasts #wizards #geekbag #geek pm if you’d like one, or we will have them in stock shortly.


That moment when the #sculpture your sculpting starts to look just like that thing your sculpting… I’m not done by a long shot but I’m on the way! #wip #skyrim #elderscrollsonline #nord lamp

Patina Knockers

Patina! I’m in love with the look. I’m glad I get commissions that push me out of my comfort zone. #sculpture #labyrinth #doorknockers

Skyrim Map

Leather map of #skyrim ! This has been sitting on my laser waiting for me to clean and photograph it for over a week while I was sick. It was killing me lol I’ll be putting this up in the store shortly if anyone finds they need one of these as much as I did! #map #skyrim #elderscrolls #elderscrollsonline #lasercutter #replica #prop #videogameprops

Pokemon Pencil Holder

I’ve been knocked out with walking pneumonia but I’m feeling better finally! Not much to post but I did do some laser work on this foux leather pencil holder for my little artist! #lasercutter #pokemon


Doing a little prototypeing yesterday, not a complete item but this will be showing up on something cool real soon! #wip #art #wizards

Map of Skyrim

Map of Skyrim is finally done! This took me forever to get right because I had to teach myself all the things you shouldn’t do when making a very large vector for laser cutting. Lessons learned! This is 22x16 inches and the perfect size to hang on the wall and still use as a reference. Plus it’s a map! Its crazy how much this makes me happy! Probably obvious but yes you can get one too.


Finally back from being sick all week and feeling good again! I’m starting off the day with a quick box mold to replace a blowout mold and then it’s on to more exciting stuff! #proplife #sculpture #moldmaking #smoothon

Blackwall at Maloogacon

Blackwell is back but taking a rest from patrolling the fair for hurlocks at #maloogacon #dragonagre. #dragonageinquisition #cosplay

Maloogacon Cosplay Competiton

Hey guess who entered a cosplay competition! Its the first one I’ve ever done and it turned out to be tons of fun and I got 2nd place!!!! I was really stoked with winning a place! images coming soon. #maloogacon #cosplay #dragonageinquisition #blackwall

Maloogacon Morning

All set up for a fun couple days @maloogacon ! Already having a good time talking to the early birds. ? #conlife #cosplay #propweapon #sculpture


Checked in and got our booth set up for tomorrows @maloogacon ! Come by and say hi if you’re? in the #Tampa area tomorrow! We can’t wait! #maloogacon

Dadric Sword

#throwbackthursday that one time I had to make 100 steel daggers just to level up enough to to make my first Dadric sword…. Anyone want to buy a steel daggers? #skyrim #propweapon #elderscrolls #elderscrollsonline

Robot Minions

Today my robot minions are hard at work! I’m playing a video game… Lol #xcarve #wip

Nord Lamp Progress

Progress made! I spent a ton of time trying to coax the new Xcarve into working but in between I moved this Nordic Dragon Lamp forward! I’m really excited about these, they will look so cool hanging by the door. In case you haven’t recognized them from the second picture, these are lanterns places all around #skyrim in the #elderscrollsonline game! My sweetie and I play quite often and we have just fallen in love with these.


Got the xcarve finished and hard at work on a new project! It wasn’t super hard to build though it did take an appropriate amount of fiddling to get it going. I’m in a very #skyrim mood this month so all of my projects seem to be #elderscrollsonline and #skyrim related. This one is both. More to come!

Map Progress

New #lasercutter project in the works! This is just a small test cut which none the less took over 30 minutes. A number of things were messed up in this one but that’s what tests are for! I’m going to be doing maps on white beech and leather real soon, can’t wait! #skyrim #wip #elderscrollsonline

Xcarve Build

I’m making something new but it’s not art this week..Well it kind of is… Anyway this week is tool making week! I’m coming along pretty well on the new #xcarve . Can’t wait to get this going, already have projects planned and drawn up! #wip

Celtic Tree of life

Finished painting the stone version of my #treeoflife I really like how that turned out! I also used the laser to engrave the text which I’m sure excited about because my lettering is atrocious lol. Molded with mold star 15, and cast in tinted smooth cast 320 from @smoothon #sculpture #tree #casting #art #celtic

First Vendor Booth!

Our first vendor booth! We decided to do the local market as the test run for upcoming Cons. Really learning a lot and having fun! Come see us if your in town. #vendorbooth #outsideforonce #isthatthesun?

New Sign

I made a new sign for some upcoming vendor booths we are doing. This sith is about 4 ft wide so it will hopefully look cool when we set up a booth. Sasly my better pictures of the sign dont fit in an instagram crop, but i found one that works. All magic done with laser! #lasercut #signs #lasercutsign #lasercutter

Rest in the stars Apollo

#richardhatch passed away a couple days ago. He was #apollo in the original #battlestargalactica and had a lead role in the BSG return a few years ago. He was a great guy. I got to know him over the past couple years at various cons including Dragon Con and was really really lucky to get to stand behind him during the Colonial Fleet photoshoot where we goofed around and made all sorts of jokes in between photos.

Geeky glasses

More geeky glasses! Actually these were done a little while ago but it took a while for me to get set up for some decent photos. These are already in my store if the mood strikes. #laseretched #lasercut #barglasses #dragonageinquisition #lotr #hobbit #Skyrim

Geeky glasses part 2

Geeky glasses part 2! #laseretched #lasercut #overwatch #dnd #celtic #greywarden

Finished Treeoflife

First painted version of #treeoflife ! I started with solve because I knew it would look cool and is by far the least demanding finish I have in mind. I’m pretty darn happy with this one! #sculpture #celtic #druid #smoothon


Can’t decide if this need more patina… any ideas? This is my first time doing this and I’m finding it hard to decide it its done.

WIP Treeoflife

First pull and the second is in the works! The first pull showed a couple places where the mold needed some adjusting to avoid bubbles but other then that it worked out well. I sprayed on a primer so I can start experimenting with the paint jobs I have in mind. It’s nice to have a test piece to work out painting on. More to come! #wip #moldmaking #smoothon #treeoflife #sculpture


All done with the sculpt and time for some silicone! I can’t wait to paint this, I think it will really pop with a great paint job. Now…copper patina, stone, silver… Humm so many finishing options, I’ll have to cast a few I think. #wip #sculpture #treeoflife #druid

Sculpt Progress

Almost done with a new sculpt! This one has been on my desk for far longer then I want to admit but this year I’m committing to finishing my undone work! I though this looked kinda cool how part of the knots were close to done and more refined but the further clock wise you go the Less finished it is. #wip #sculpture #treeoflife

Dice Tins

Got a ton of stuff done this weekend and even more on the edge of done, very satisfying! Doing a few more of these tins A realized that they made great dice holders for #dnd dice! And the logo looks pretty awesome on the tin I think. Should be in my shop later today, dice are not included those are mine! Lol. #laseretched #lasercut #dungeonsanddragons #dungeonmaster #rpg #dice

Cool Tins

I got a few of the game related tins #laseretched they look pretty nifty! Got a few more in the works along with a bunch a beer glasses! #Skyrim #dragonageinquisition #greywarden #gamergear

Wedding Favors

Put together the sample for #laseretched wedding favors for an upcoming order! These look awesome! I’m gong to be doing a series of gaming ones to take to @maloogacon in April. #lasercutter

Grey Warden Glasses

Tried out some etching on glad last night and it turned out pretty nice! And honestly, who doesn’t need Grey Warden glasses! Yea I think this will be coming to the store real soon! #dragonage #greywarden #lasercut #etchedglass #daswag

Copper Knockers

Finished a new copper paint job for the door knockers the other day. Kinda like this look! #labyrinth #wip

Laser WIP

Trying more fun stuff with the laser with these inversed etched tin containers. Turned out really nice. #lasercut #tree

New Boardgame! Above and Below

Best game I’ve played all year! Mmmm probably last year as well! #boardgames #redravengames #gamenight

The Pledge of Mara For Us!

Took the pledge of Mara recently. Aren’t these rings awesome? #eldarscrolls #Skyrim #eso #love

Dead Mold

Ever wonder what a totally spent mold looks like? The one on the bottom is an old version of the one on top. (Minus the outside which is in the new mold, I canabalize molds) Dead molds dry out, get really dusty looking and stick to resin! Very sad when their time has come. #moldmaking #smoothon #rip

Jack & Sally

Finally got one of my #lasercut #Christmas ornaments on an actual tree! I’ve been so busy filing orders that I’ve had no time to decorate. Speaking of, check my shop if you’d like one of these, I’ve got a few on hand still :D

Fantastic Beasts

Made this #fantasticbeasts Birch living book list, think I’m going to turn it into a tablet case, just need to make the pattern for the leather parts. Think anytime would like having this as a tablet case? #lasercut

Lasered Team Sign

Here’s something different, a team sign I made for a software development group. Turned out pretty nice :) #lasercutter #lasercut #blackbird

Mold Making Day

It’s mold making day! Well remaking mold, getting ready for a big run of laybrenth knockers for the xmas rush! This is the 4th time I’ve made this mold, this year. Crazy! #smoothon #funwithsilicone #art

Blackwall For DA Inqusition Day!

Happy #dragonageinquisition day! 2 years ago today I meet #Blackwall trying to help some farmers defend assist bandits, we traveled a long way together and still going! #dragonagecosplay #videogames #cosplay

DA Anniversary Day!

Happy late #dragonage Origins anniversary day! This was my first DA game and birth my love for all things DA!

From Instagram

Playing with prisma again!

From Instagram

Nothing says halloween like mask manning! Finishing touches on a #pvz mask, just a little paint to spray but takes 10 mins to get my deva of a dbl action airbrush able to spray, she’s so picky about getting cleaned out properly. #singleactionforthewin.

From Instagram

Did I mention that I made a small #Overwatch plaque? This ones pretty cool since you can pick out just your favorite characters. There are some of my faves though I don’t really play Ana cuz I’m a rotten sniper. #videogames #blizzard

From Instagram

I really wanted to do something fun with the #Overwatch character sprays and came up with something fun to hang on the wall! I’ve also made a small version for just your favorites! Me, I can’t pick.. My store is in my profile it’d you’d like one! #lasercut #videogames #makeitwithlasers #art

From Instagram

I made some nifty #dragonageinquisition orniments/magnets and added them to my store! Ive decided that my xmas tree really needs more geek, so if yours does too check it out! Http:// #lasercut

From Instagram

Trying to organize my mess of a workshop this weekend so I created my first laser cut box with dividers. This was cool because I had to do past of the design myself because box geberators only make simple boxes. I imagine I’ll be making more complicated ones in the further to meet my specific needs :) #lasercut

From Instagram

Made a quick 8 bit #kyloren for a little star wars fan I know, he was pretty pleased! #makeitwithlasers #lasercut #starwars

From Instagram

Playing with prisma, so here’s a new take on #blackwall. I like the swirls…

From Instagram

A few now #blackwall photos from my shot the other week. Had do do some casual shots, right? And I’m pretty sure Blackwall prefers a good Stout or Ale when he’s not vanquishing monsters. #dragonagecosplay #dragonageinquisition

From Instagram

Check out this awesome armor stand that my sweetie made for me today! I’m so excited to have it on display! #dragonageinquisition #dragonagecosplay

From Instagram

More photos from the #Blackwall photo shoot! I think I need some darkspawn to face down! #cosplay #dragonagecosplay #dragonageinquisition

From Instagram

#Blackwall photo shoot! Finally got a few minutes to do a shoot. There’s a few great shots in here! Here comes #cosplay spam! #dragonagecosplay #dragonageinquisition #cosplayover30

From Instagram

The remains of the game. Introduced some friends to #dnd last night! A good time was had by all and next game is scheduled, it’s good to be back I the DMs chair!

From Instagram

Next up in my prototype Christmas tree ornaments/ coaster collection..#Roadhog ! From #overwatch isn’t he cute?

From Instagram

I made my first #lasercutter box the other day so I could have a good place to store all my paints. Only after I put it together did it occur to me that I should have made the top flat.. N00b mistake, lol will I’d kinda cool this way.

From Instagram

Had some fun with the laser last night, can we say #dragonageinquisition christmass ornaments? Coming soon to my store along with some other game related verieties! After all… Why not!

From Instagram

I just realized that I’m now a zombie dentist! My PvZ zombie masks require two of the teeth be inserted after molding or tears up the mold when I remove the casting. So I make zombie crowns to insert…I’m amused! #plantsvszombies #wip #maskmaking

From Instagram

Took a few pictures quit making the #deatheater mask, I usually forget to take pictures so I was in rare form, probably just extra diffused since I started this 2 nights before feparting for dragonCon# #harrypottercosplay #wip

From Instagram

I did a super quick sculpt and casting of a #deatheater mask right before #dragoncon and I’m just now getting around to getting a shoot and posting. Total time excluding molding was 4 hours but despite that it turned out near perfect, just have to do a slower version to get the line work a bit more neat. #harrypotter

From Instagram

Got another decent picture of the #Blackwall #dragonagecosplay . I’m going to get a real photo shoot lined up soon since all the pics we took are pretty meh. Also it will just be more fun to have some nice outdoor shots to show of details.

From Instagram

Ok finally pictures! They are hall way shots, but until I can get the photoshoot…hallway shots are coming! I had so much freaking fun doing #Blackwall #dragonagecosplay #dragonageinquisition More to come! #evaarmor #evafoam

From Instagram

Last night was deatheater night! Wow that was fun me and the lovely Belatrix ran around hunting muggles and wayeard Hogwarts students! #harrypotter #harrypottercosplay Today is Blackwall, finally (long story to come)!

From Instagram

#Blacwall remembers that time he went to the desert, yes it’s hot like that at dcom too… Makes him getting his decision to tank… Well time for some armor! #dragonagecosplay #dragonageinquisition

From Instagram

Just finished up a really interesting workshop with Roy Wooly, I have so many new ideas!

From Instagram

And it has officially begun! Actual it started last night #wendsdayisthenewthursday #dragoncon

From Instagram

Laid out #blackwall Last night just to see it all in one place, it felt great seeing everything I did to get this done! #dragonagecosplay #dragoncon

From Instagram

Time for some pre @dragoncon postings! I just finished up a quick mask build for the Dragoncon masquerade, this should be fun to wear! #mask #worbla

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Decided to paint one of my #blackwall #greywarden castings in gold to see what it looks like. Pretty happy with it. This could also work nicely add a #griffendor crest I think. Kinda cool got a #harrypotter #dragonageinquisition prop all in one!

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All but the straps! I’m hoping to have a test during this evening, can hardly wait! #blackwall #dragonagecosplay #dragonageinquisition #fortheinquisition !

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#Blackwall griffin for his chest armor is all cast and ready for painting! Looking forward to wrapping this armor up this weekend. #dragonageinquisition #dragonagecosplay

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#wip last part of my Blackwall armor is almost done, just more detail and cleaning up the lines then it’s of to molding! #dragonageinquisition #dragonagecosplay

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Done! Here’s my late night shot of the finished #blackwall Griffin shield! I’m really excited about his well this turned out especially since this was a rocky road, mistakes were made! None the less I think I scraped through it and got something good out of it all! For those that want to know the details: I used 2x10mm eva foam from TntCosplaySupply and the Griffin is made using Worbla. The wood is finished with plasti-dip and the Griffin with Epsilon!

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It’s painting night! I’ve been looking forward to painting this #blackwall Griffin shield for weeks! Finally! Finished shots coming soon! #dragonagecosplay #dragonageinquisition

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Last night I kept trying to catch a wild #davematthewsband but had to settle for this little guy. Great concert! #pokemongo

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#dragoncon2016 Con crunch time! Wip of #Blackwall aprmor for my #dragonagecosplay. I’m working bottom up, I’m on the shoulders now, Almost done!

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I’ve been super sick for a majority of last week and just started to feel well today so little too going prop wise but, here’s a nifty #Skyrim laser cut that got painted today! I think I’m going to spray the back with adhesive and sick it on my sticker cabinet in the shop!

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We’ll I started it too #pokemongo

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Making good progress on the #Blackwall shield! The back is ready for the final paint job and I’m just finishing up the griffion on the front. I’m pretty excited with how the wood side turned out, can’t wait to get the painting done. #cosplaywip #dragonageinquisition

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Firefly sign, that I #lasercut today. My first time cutting painted wood, learned a few tricks such as the paint reduces the laser power a slight bit and needs to be increased. #serenity #geek #sign

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Finished up a new goblin fit an order and suck him on the fridge, it totally made me want too add to this set! Moving up the priorities list! #labyrinth #sculpture #art

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My #blackwall gambason is looking pretty awesome, I think! I just have to set the rivets on the back and I’ll have added about 600 rivets to this coat! Shew! After this I just need to finish the belt and all non-armor parts are done! #dragonageinquisition #cosplay #wip

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I was messing with lasers yesterday and decided to do a Junkratt Tag from #Overwatch thinking I need to do this on metal.. #lasercut

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#wip. Blackwall gambason is coming along nicely! All the sewing is done and I’m doing finishing work including eyelets and rivets, it’s a studded gambason afterall! I’m hoping it will look really cool once the finishing touches are added. #cosplay #dragonageinquisition #blackwall

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New #blackwall embossed sword having in the sword nook! #dragonageinquisition

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Finished up my #blackwall #dragonageinquisition Embossed Sword last night! I think it looks pretty cool. Now it’s time to get done work done on the shield and gambason for this #cosplay

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Doing a little laser cutting for the embossing for the #blackwall #dragonageinquisition #cosplay ! Time to get this sword finished up! #makeitwithlasers

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My first #bandsawbox it’s a little rough but look good and I sure learned a lot about my new band saw! Not to mention this was fun, I think I’ll be making another one real soon! #notaprop

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I’m a paint brush’s worst nightmare! Looks like it’s time to get a new detail brush… These made it 4 months..that’s forever! #propmaking

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Finished up the scabbard for my #greywarden Griffin dagger inspired by #dragonageinquisition. This is my first time using #worbla and it really worked out great for the scabbard!

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Now in stock in my store. #greywarden

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Pew… pew… pewter!! I’ve been wanting to make some things out of more durable materials than resin in the past few months and thinks to a great video from +Punished Props? on using pewter to cast 3D models I decided to jump in and do a test! (Thanks Bill and Brit!) Link: So now I’m minting my own Silver Griffin coins! Casting pewter was not super difficult and the end results are petty cool, I mean these coins have some heft to them!

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Ninja, my #shopcat is holding down the shipping station today. #caturday

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Hanging out at #propmaking paradise today, though it really just makes me want to be in my shop!

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#TBT - my first prop sword, that’s what got me into this! #cosplay #propmaking #skyrim

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Did a touch up of my griffin’s dagger, I think it brings out the bling much better now! #dragonageinquisition #blackwall #cosplay #propmaking

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Finished up the #greywarden Griffin dagger this weekend, I’m having fun making sword again! This is part of my #cosplay for my #blackwall #dragonageinquisition I have a sword in the works as well. Check out my store if you want to get your hands on one of these daggers!

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Almost done! Just thought it would be fun to post a teaser of my grey warden dagger for #blackwall , all but the leather grip is finished, so close! #dragonageinquisition #cosplay #propmaking

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Finishing a 3D print I thought it might be interesting to go over some of the steps I’ve taken recently to finish 3D prints for molding etc. I don’t have the highest resolution 3D printer but it works well but it takes a little more effort to get that print to look just right. As you can see in the first image (you might have to click the image to see it) the print has a slight stair step texture.

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While waiting for silicone to set up the other day I decided to get started on a #dragonageinquisition etched sword for my #blackwall project. I just liked the challenge of this sword. It’s mdf, all shaped and coated with epoxie. Next up is sanding and of course more sanding!

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Got that #greywarden dagger molded yesterday and ready to cast a few copies! Can’t wait to get one finished!

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@coregeek tagged everyone on this and it sure sounds like fun to me so I’m adding my #inandoutofcosplay to the mix! #johnhancock #fallout4 and me in the shop. Thanks for the idea Eric!

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First pull of the Grey Wardens dagger was a winner! Now to get a couple more pulks and paint these guys! #dragonageinquisition #blackwall

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Poor scroll saw is feeling inadequate today.. But yes a new sword is the the works #blackwall #propmaking

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I made a picture frame! Not really an art project but it was a great skill builder testing out my router and miter saw! This is a birthday present but now I’m thinking I need to make some More frames.. The wood cost me like 2$ and a cool bucks for the plexiglass, not bad.

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Getting a little further along on my custom #greywarden dagger from #dragonageinquisition ir really any DA game since it’s custom! ;)

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And now I have #pvz zombie twins! Well until tomorrow when they head to their new home

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Painting a new #pvz zombie mask while listening to the Skyrim sound track… Too fun!

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Fancy photo of my goblin from the #labyrinth

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Right knocker looks pretty starkly in silver, no? #labyrinth #sculpture

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“Listen, she’s going to say the words!” Finally done! One if the little goblins from the movie, the #labyrinth

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WIP: First of the series if goblins from the #labyrinth. This guy will be heading to my etsy store fairly soon as a single but he’s also destined to be in a nice wall hanging with all his goblin kin. Once they are all done of course!

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RIP. #DavidBowie, we will miss you. Thank you for all the great things you did! #labyrinth

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Quick test carving in wax just to see what it’s like. Sage candle carved with a sage, seemed perfect! #dailyart

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Another busy weekend I the shop! I also started 2 New sculpts. I’ll post progress later this week! #artshop

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Happy New Year! Time for the annual end of the year collage. It was an exciting and productive year.

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Happy New year!

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Happy #labyrinth #holidays!

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#labyrinth door knocker army! It was a busy weekend.

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Finally got a moment to get these guys together on the wall for a group picture! Want? Check out my store! Https://

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Fresh Door Knocker castings ready for some clean up and painting! Santas elves need to get cracking!

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Right Door Knocker from the movie The #labyrinth.

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Ready for molding!

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Nearly finished with my Right Door Knocker from the #labyrinth

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First time doing latex… Eh not bad and I learned alot# off to #megacon #cosplayselfie

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John Hancock found a sweet roll! #megacon #fallout #cosplay

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Trying out making a facial prosthetic from liquid latex. Not sure I’ll know it this is any good till I paint it.. #cosplay

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No it’s not an alien egg! Though honestly I am expecting it to burst open at any moment and a slimy face hugger will cone scurrying out! This is actually a brush on mold of a rocket body for a little gun I’m making! This was one ugly mold, tonight I’m going to find out how bad, um I mean good, this mold came out. If I can manage to get a cast out of it I’ll call it a win.

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Door Knocker from the movie The #laybrinth on my door for Halloween! Just got the knocker ring done before trick or treating! Close one!

Puppet Mask

Puppet mask from Five Nights @ Freddy’s video game. #cosplay #videogamefanart #propmaking #videogames

Fiberglass Shell Mold

Fiberglass shell for the FN@F Puppet mask. Should be done by Monday!

Mold for Labrynth Door Knocker

Ready to mold: Labrynth Door Knocker

Abney Park Live!

Abney Park Live!

Plants vs Zombies cosplay

Plants vs Zombies cosplay

Logan's Run Sandman Gun

Logans Run prop gun, led toggle switch wiring is all done.