About Us

Meadowhawk Designs was created through a passion for art. Our dream is to create a self sustained business out of helping others reach their dreams.

This is me

The owner, Lee, has been a software engineer for more than two decades and is sought after in his field because of his extensive knowledge. He has now combined both of his crafts and the outcome of this unity has been beautiful art. Lee’s multifaceted talents have led him to creating everything from paintings, sketches, and cosplay costumes, to manufacturing molds for resin and pewter, woodworking and laser projects. Missy brings her love of creating and tenacity to conquer the most difficult tasks to the team. Art is about diversity and free thinking.

Lee and Missy both believe that art creates a happier and healthier person and in turn, a society. We can assist you from start to finish no matter where you are in the process of making your creation become a reality.

We are a well established Etsy seller as well, please check out our store for more information. Our Etsy Shop