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Pew… pew… pewter!! I’ve been wanting to make some things out of more durable materials than resin in the past few months and thinks to a great video from +Punished Props? on using pewter to cast 3D models I decided to jump in and do a test! (Thanks Bill and Brit!) Link:

So now I’m minting my own Silver Griffin coins! Casting pewter was not super difficult and the end results are petty cool, I mean these coins have some heft to them! So it all starts with Mold Max 60 from Smooth-On which is a dark red, heat resistant silicone that can take about 550 degrees which happens to be higher than the melting point of pewter and Tin as well.

The cool part is the whole process is pretty much the same as casting resin with the exception of the molten metal which requires special equipment including flame resistant gloves and safety glasses (Just use them, donít want mistakes with molten metals!) There are a few notable differences, first big one is that MoldMax 60 takes 24 hours to cure so be prepared to wait, itís hard but it is what it is huh? Second thing, I discovered that per liquid ounce, there is something more costly than resin, yes pewter! Lol So be prepared if your looking to make something sizable!

Other interesting things I learned was that when you ladle out the metal, it sets pretty fast so you have to be ready to pour it into the mold asap, you have a second or two before the surface of the molten metal starts to cool and solidify, despite that I was able to get a good cast on my second try so it just takes a little practice. Finally I discovered that the mold doesnít seem to hold up very well, not that I can blame it, but I was a little disappointed to have some of the details of the mold tear out in the casting on the 6th pull. Iíll be researching what can be done to prevent that, hopefully there is a trick to get a little more longevity out of my mold!

Iíll be casting more pewter for sure though and maybe offer up casting services to other artists if anyone becomes interested! ?#?somakeitmonday?? #propmaking